DRÄGER X-AM 2000 détecteur de gaz

I equipped myself with a meter in gas content in the “Grey” water and “mixed fuel” tank.
This device can transcribe directly on a printer collected data in reservoirs visited, without any manual manupulation of the results. So totally credible.

This equipment from DRAEGER is the X-AM 2000 model, specific for CH4 (methane), ² O (oxygen) and H2S (sulfuric hanidride).

More security

The Catalytic Ex sensor adjusted to methane is very sensitive to explosive gases and offers a very high degree of sensitivity to combustible organic vapors. This ensures a far greater and more reliable protection against explosion hazards.

Its impact resistant moulded shell, maximum protection (IP 67) against dust and water, multi-directional gas access to the sensor, make the X-am 2000 a reliable and safe instrument. The new high-performance XXS sensors developed by Dräger Safety have an exceptionally short response time and offer the possibility of a gas test in less than 10 seconds. In addition, they have a service life of 5 years.

With its “mobile phone” format, “mini” weight, “long-life” sensors and low price, the X-am 2000 is the perfect addition to your daily safety routine.

Valid 6 months