Emergency Beacons for yachts

Beacons for yachts benefit from the latest advances in technology. They ensure the safety of the ship and its crew wherever they go.
The beacon is a piece of maritime signaling equipment that can be either a floating object (buoys) or fixed to the seabed (spars or turrets).

They are also called EPIRB.

There are several types of beacons, some of which are equipped with GPS, which makes it easier to locate them when they are thrown into the sea.

They can also transmit the identification information to enable rescue services to locate them more quickly.
They are equipped with a high-intensity light. Finally, depending on the model, the beacons can be activated manually or automatically when in contact with water or when the installation bracket is removed.

According to the regulations in force, Pejout Marine Services tests them and replaces the batteries every year.

Beacons are one of the mandatory pieces of equipment to have on board among the life-saving equipment.

beacons for yachts