The French Riviera Yachting Professional Groups help Mediterranean experts connect together and share their passions.

Riviera Yachting NETWORK

professionnels-du-yachting- Riviera-Yachting-Network

Riviera Yachting NETWORK
is a group of over 80 companies based in the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region and specialized in yacht refit, repair/maintenance, supply and dedicated services to yachts.
The strength of the cluster is assured by the collective implication of the business managers themselves and by the privileged relations maintained with the following associated organizations : the PROFESSIONAL YACHTING ASSOCIATION, the French yachtsmen “Groupement des Equipages Professionnels du Yachting”, the French Nautical Industries Federation and the French International Register.
Riviera Yachting NETWORK aims at optimizing the development of the local economic activity dedicated to the professional yachting industry of the region, endowing it with the best assets.

PYA : Professional Yachting Association

The working environment of Seafaring is becoming more and more regulated. Therefore a yachting professional such as the PYA is essential. The PYA  combines the interests of yacht crew at national and international level and have never been more pertinent.
This not-for-profit association has become the prime platform for the exchange of information and experience.
PYA offers its members a range of bespoke products and services and provides practical tools and up to date advice to today’s professional yacht crew.s services

GEPY : Groupement des Equipages Professionnels du Yachting

The G.E.P.Y. is an yachting association founded 10 years ago.

 Born on October 18th 2003, the association brings together crew members who hold a French or Foreign STCW diploma.
Whatever their job on board, or the various yachting professional, as long as the activity is directly related to the crew members.
The association GEPY was created for the following reasons:

  • Defend the specific law concerning crews.
  • Encourage professionals yachting crews and officers to meet one another.
  • Promote mutual recognition of certificates, diplomas and STCW patents.
  • Promote training and skills.
  • Spread professional information.
  • Participate in working groups and committees for national and international administrations

ECPY : European Committee for Professional Yachting

This association based in Nice includes various yachting professionals such as yacht brokers.

Register and become a member of ECPY

  • To participate in the development of the yachting industry
  • To have constant contacts with European, national and local administrations
  • To participate in workshops and debates about the necessary equipments and infrastructures needed for our activity.
  • Meet and exchan
  • Be updated on all changes and important events, including recent tax and customs regulations.
  • ge ideas with other industry professionals.
  • Take part in the decision making process and ensure that administrative decisions are implemented correctly.
  • Participate to our regular basis Open Days and networking Days to meet professionals and service companies.
  • ECPY is a member of French “CBI” (Confederation of British industry) and is active in every Port Council of the French Riviera.