Pejout Marine Services is based in Vallauris and specialises in the periodic inspection of safety and rescue equipment on yachts. Our area of operation is located between Imperia and Marseille.

Péjout Marine Services carries out changes and new installations in compliance with the classification organisations, while respecting the regulations of the flags. All equipment is SOLAS certified.

Péjout Marine Services is located in Vallauris and specialises in periodic checks of safety equipment on yachts.


The company’s area of intervention is located from Imperia to Marseille.

The company is approved by the main classification societies:

ABS Security
Lloyds Marine
Bureau Veritas

Péjout Marine Services carries out modifications and new installations in accordance with the classification societies, while respecting the regulations of the flags. All equipment is SOLAS certified.

A certificate of compliance will be issued at the end of the work.

FFE Fire Protection Equipment

Our technicians are approved by the main yacht classes

Pejout Marine Services FFE expert
  • Rina,
  • Bureau Veritas,
  • ABS
  • and Lloyds Marine Register

They will check your fire extinguishers directly on site. An important point, so yachts do not need to have duplicate equipment.

LSA Life Saving Equipment

We are certified to check life-saving equipment directly or through subcontractors for t

  • 4 Waters,
  • Ocean Safety,
  • Sea Safe,
  • Arimar,
  • Guy Cotten,
  • Kadematic,
  • RFD,
  • Zodiac,
Pejout Marine Services your LSA expert

Other Products


Péjout Marine Services is also approved for the verification of :

– diving equipment
– gas detection equipment,
– medical equipment
– diving equipment.
– and breathing oxygen

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certified 4 Water


Péjout Marine Services expands its team with the addition of a verification technician

Péjout Marine Services is pleased to welcome Alex Persia who joins the team as a safety equipment verification technician.

Alex is a long time family acquaintance, a trustworthy and ambitious person who has demonstrated through his apprenticeship with Nicolas this year a real motivation for the yachting business which he has been able to explore.

Actualités Alex Persia at Péjout Marine Services